Parents are most interested in feeding issues for their one month old baby. Some popular issues such as feeding issues, peeing issues and pooping issues are very common. A one month baby should be feeding every three to four hours during the day. He/she might feed every three hours, but they might sleep three to five hours in the evening.

It’s not necessary to wake a baby up every three hours to feed unless the doctor tells that your baby is not gaining enough weight. Generally, breast-fed babies wake more often, because they just don’t get as much when they breastfeed.

When a baby hears the mom’s heartbeat during put on the breast, they feel the mom’s warmth and just fall back to sleep.  As like as bottle-fed baby, they don’t finish full feed. They usually might get three or four ounces before bed. A breast-fed baby might feed every hour during the day, and in the evening might sleep longer. Normally, babies should have between three to five wet diapers during the day, and poop can range.

Generally, Some breast-fed babies poop with every feed, whereas some babies don’t poop for five days. Parents are worried about a baby being constipated. At one month the baby should be regarding your face, looking at you while they’re feeding.